Is EGO 18+?

-Yes, we are always 18+ unless otherwise noted!

Is there a dress code?

-EGO does NOT have a dress code. Feel free to express yourself however you'd like!


When are you open?

-We're normally open Thursdays 9pm-1am, Fridays & Saturdays 10pm-3am (no entry after 1am), and most holiday Sundays 9pm-1am. Please check our website, Facebook events tab, and Instagram for current event announcements.


What is your ID policy?

-You must present a state-issued ID or passport in its original form. Photocopies of your ID or photos of your ID on your phone cannot be accepted. A paper version is accepted only if it is the original copy from the DMV.

Do you have a VIP seating area to rent? 

-The seating areas at EGO are first come, first served.

How do I contact lost & found?

-Please email

with your name, contact info, the night you came, and description of item(s) lost.


How can I apply for a job?

-You can fill out out employment form here:


Can I perform?

-Please fill out the form at

and include "performer" as the position.


I don't see my question here!

-Please email